The Library

Our Tour of the Cathedral starts in The Library, on the right (or North) side of the Chancel.


The Cathedral Library  was opened as a Library in 1972, after the renovation and refurbishing of this area along with the Lady Chapel. Its two windows are inspired by paintings of the Renaissance. The first (1898) depicts the Annunciation, with Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, the second (1898) the Adoration of the Magi, or Worship of the Three Kings (donated as a memorial of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee). Made by C.E. Kempe of London, these windows were the first to be installed after the Great Fire of 1892. The Kempe firm is also responsible for 14 other windows in the Cathedral, all highly detailed and containing no colourless glass; even glass that appears to be white is actually treated with silver nitrate. The firm's trademark, a small golden wheat sheaf (after Kempe's death in 1907, a tower was added), can be seen in the lower left-hand margins of many of these windows.

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